Andrejs Rozenbergs


Andrejs Rozenbergs

Andrejs Rozenbergs was born in 1937, on July 1 in Riga, Latvia. The artist’s paintings reveal romantic, intense beauty of the world. He is inspired by reality, found in everyday life – there he seeks and finds what stands for “life celebration”. This sense is equally strong in his still life’s and compositions as well as in urban scenes and landscapes. His compositions are being painted spontaneously, in one breath with the temper of brush strokes deep saturated colors are vibrant art, which is scanned elegiac or dynamic mood, in particular, felt in the sea-changing revelation.

/ Silvia Gross, art historian /

Professional activities

  • Teacher, teaches drawing and painting RLMV (Riga design and Art College), RTU (Riga Technical University), LMA (Art Academy of Latvia)
  • Since 1969 Member of the Latvian Artists’ Union
  • From 2001 Professor of computer design SPPA (International Higher School of Practical Psychology) faculty
  • Artists jury member in international competitions “Rhythms of Art”, “Baltic Circle”
  • From the 2007 AS Professor of Pedagogy, Psychology and the Faculty of Arts
  • Group exhibitions, thematic and solo exhibitions
  • 1957 exhibition in Kobe
  • 1972 Germany, Düsseldorf
  • 1973 Baltic republics Fine Arts in Moscow
  • 1976 All-Union Fine Arts
  • 1976 Contemporary painting art
  • 1978 Tokyo, Nakamura Gallery “Latvian painters”
  • 1987 Riga and Salacgriva
  • 1988 Bulgaria, Ruse
  • 1988 Riga, The House of Architects
  • 1992 Italy, Ferrara
  • 1993 Sweden, Norrköping
  • 1995 Riga, Gallery Laipa
  • 1980 Latvian artists
  • 1990 World Latvian painting exhibition in Riga
  • 2010 Jurmala, hotel Jomas Seta


Public collections

  • Museum of Art Arsenals
  • Latvian Artists’ Union
  • Riga History and Navigation Museum
  • Russia: State Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Ministry of Culture of the Russian Artists’ Union
  • Latvian Republic Consulate General in St. Petersburg
  • Italy: Vatican Collection
  • Private collections: Latvia, Russia, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, India, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Taiwan, England, Norway


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